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incredible how many abusive people you can fit into one family (:


i hope aliens aren’t sad. i hope they’re okay

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unless proven or stated otherwise.. EVERYONE IN ASOIAF IS BI!!

Anonymous said: Wait Dany and Cersei were bi in the books? Dany had sex with a few girls, but I always interpreted it as being more about just needing a release, not being attracted to them. And Cersei pleasured a woman but didn't really get anything out of it herself if I recall. I think it would be great if they were bi but I never really interpreted like that. I don't recall Jon being bi either... Did I miss something or? :)

you could definitely argue about dany and cersei, and a lot of people would agree with you on the interpretation, but in my eyes i see them as bi, not only bc of these acts but bc of their character all together.. and i missed the jon snow thing on my first read through myself, but its ridiculously obvious in the latter part of storm of swords and in a dance with dragons, jon has some really confused feelings about satin! 

But since none of those characters has been explicitly said to be bi, you can see them anyway you want! :)

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